EPIC Consulting Services

Epic Implementation Services

An Epic implementation, within a single hospital or across multiple sites, is usually the largest endeavor that an organization will take on.

To ensure a smooth Epic implementation, Blue Creek Corp will work with your team to review and manage operational risks within your IT program. Engaging as early as the project planning phase, Blue Creek Corp will collaborate with you to identify potential problem areas, in order to mitigate possible risks by setting accurate expectations and defining change management processes. We will incorporate mitigation strategies into the project plan, monitor risks during each phase of the implementation, and establish communication processes for making the appropriate adjustments.

Epic Data Migration

When considering converting data from your legacy EMR to Epic, it is important to understand the reasons for the conversion and the related functional aspects. Accurately defining specific elements and objectives will provide an understanding of what data is required and the appropriate extraction time frames. The process merits an appropriate time and financial investment rather than just a temporary reallocation of resources.

Epic Data Conversion Services

The Blue Creek Corp can help you convert your data to your new Epic system by offering

We can be a comprehensive one-stop source for your integration and migration needs, such as:

Epic Data Migration Methodology

Blue Creek Corp’s Data Conversion methodology is an accumulation of proven best practices and is tailored to meet your specific organizational needs. he proper steps performed at each stage in the process protect the integrity and ensure the security of the data. By following these steps, conversion projects are not only manageable, but also executed with a high degree of success.

Epic Training

Epic's market focus is large health care organizations. Epic offers an integrated suite of health care software centered on a MUMPS database. Their applications support functions related to patient care, including registration and scheduling; clinical systems for doctors, nurses, emergency personnel, and other care providers; systems for lab technicians, pharmacists, and radiologists; and billing systems for insurers.

Course Content

  • Super Users
  • Patient Access
  • Managers/ Directors/ Supervisors
  • Building Services Department- Managers/ Supervisors
  • Bed Management
  • Insurance Clearance
  • McKesson /Tisch Cath/EP Insurance
  • Case Managers
  • Isolation and Infection
  • Information Desk
  • Inpatient Nurses/Unit Clerks
  • Front Desk - Cancer Center Institute Only
  • Pastoral Care
  • Super Users
  • Intra-Op
  • Pre-Op/ Post-Op
  • Surgery
  • Surgery Biller
  • Surgery Manager
EpicCare Ambulatory
  • Super Users
  • Physicians/Fellows/Residents/Physician Assistants
  • Skin & Cancer Photo Medicine & Patch Testing
  • RNs/MAs/Clinical Techs
  • PTs/OTs/SLPs/Psychologists
  • Social Workers & Nutritionist
  • Research Coordinators/Clinicians/Ancillary Staff - View Only
  • Super Users
  • Scheduler/Registrar
  • Advanced Scheduler
  • Front/Arrival Desk
  • Template Builder
  • Manager Reporting
  • Lab Users
  • Front Desk-View
  • Inpatient Schedulers
Epic Anesthesia
  • Super Users
  • Anesthesiologists & CRNAs
Health Information Management
  • Super Users
  • Coders/Coding Managers/NHRs
  • HIM Director/Assistant Director/Coding Manager/Systems Manager
  • Director/Assistant Director/MPI Clerks /Systems Manager
  • Clinical Documentation Specialist / Manager
  • Clerical/ROI
Resolute Hospital Billing
  • Super Users
  • Biller
  • Billing Office Manager
  • Financial Counselor
  • Payment Poster
  • HB Rev management 300
  • Resolute Hospital Billing - View Only
  • HB Manual Charge Entry 700

Epic Credentialed Trainer Program

A large part of the success of an Epic implementation is based on a well-developed trainer program.

Our Epic Credentialed Trainer Strategy and Plan includes:

  • A customized design for each client.
  • Hiring and training the right Credentialed Trainers.
  • A tailored curriculum which includes the client specific customization and workflows, client culture and processes, in addition to the Epic technical content.
  • Continuous evaluation of the learning and competencies of each trainer by an experienced manager.

Blue Creek Corp’s best practice is to recruit and provide experienced application specific Epic Credentialed Trainers current in the Epic 2014/2015 version(s). In addition, Blue Creek Corp has unique online project management tools to identify our known contract resources coming off of recent projects, allowing us to move cohesive teams from one project to another. These highly experienced resources have been ranked by onsite project managers ensuring that Blue Creek Corp brings known quality training resource teams to our clients.

Local Epic Credentialed Trainers

Blue Creek Corp aims to provide a split between experienced Epic credentialed trainers and local training resources. This approach will promote utilization of local resources, creating jobs in the local community while providing a pool of local talent for future projects. Additionally, as a result of this approach our clients see a significant decrease in cost by minimizing travel and expenses. Local resources will attend a customized Credentialed Trainer Training course tailored to our client’s workflows, specifically designed to accelerate the learning process.

Choosing the right partner for your Epic Credentialed Training program will be critical to the success of your project. By choosing Blue Creek Corp, this important facet of your Epic project will be in safe hands.

Epic Go-Live Services

Ranked as best-in-KLAS provider for go-live support, Blue Creek Corp offers cost effective solutions for healthcare organizations to train and execute your Epic go-live successfully. Using our in-depth knowledge of Epic we offer cost effective solutions for healthcare organizations to train and activate Epic successfully.

Blue Creek Corp's Epic Go-Live Team

Our leaders are experts in Epic go-live project management and delivery. Our go-live support team brings a track record of success using the best known national and international standards. Our onsite project lead is there to ensure an effective and seamless adoption of Epic, one that will be viewed by the client's clinicians and staff as both high quality and successful. Central to our methodology is that we engage early in the go-live planning with the client's project leaders. To accomplish this, we begin on our first project planning session and review closely every aspect of your go-live activities. This includes—but it by no means limited to—the following key strategic areas of activation:

Epic Service Desk

Epic support that extends beyond the Epic Service Desk resulting in improved ongoing support.

The Blue Creek Corp Epic Service Desk is focused on providing clients with solutions that create value and reduce the operational support cost associated with maintaining and supporting Epic. This is achieved through a blend of advisory services, cross-certified and experienced Epic Analysts, Business Intelligence (BI), Data Analytics, Continual Process Improvement (CPI), an Epic Service Desk (ESD), and Executive oversight.

Blue Creek Corp is uniquely positioned to offer a dedicated, holistic solution for Epic support that extends beyond the Epic Service Desk resulting in improved ongoing support and client satisfaction.

Here are some of the results one Epic Service Desk client achieved in under 9 months:

  • A 32% reduction in overall Epic incident call volume
  • A 50% reduction of backlogged Epic tickets aged ≥ 30 days
  • A 50% reduction in the average time taken to resolve tickets

The key attributes that differentiate the Blue Creek Corp Epic Service Desk include:

  • Reduction in Epic Ticket Volume
  • Cross-Certified, Epic Analysts
  • BI & Data Analytics
  • Continual Process Improvement
  • Client Engagement Manager (CEM)


Epic provides recommendations about what upgrade items are mandatory and which ones are optional. Take a good long look at the optional items as they can often radically enhance a workflow. Due to these being labeled as optional, they are often passed up in the planning process. Think of the upgrade as an opportunity change the system – make it work for you, not the other way around.

Epic Community Connect

Your organization has invested tens of millions in healthcare IT, how are you going to show a return? How will your technology platform provide quality for your entire community? How are you going to complete the strategy without requiring more capital investment? There is a low cost answer.

Community Engagement

Community engagement is not a core competency of your IT department. Community engagement revolves around providers you don’t employ or control. Community engagement is off campus and is hard. Not hard technically, hard in all the other ways community outreach is different; Sales, Marketing, Legal and Support just to name a few.

Furthermore, as a clinical leader, you have the complete clinical record to treat the patient in a low cost, high quality way. Why aren’t your providers more productive? What are they missing?

Community Data

Compete your clinical integration with your provider network to complete the record. You cannot improve quality without all of the patients' data and frankly most of that resides in the community. By engaging your community providers and offering them your technology platform and your workflows, they will be happy to exchange not only data, but patients as well.

Blue Creek Corp can show you the way to a complete, robust and measurable way to complete the strategy. By engaging you from creation to execution, Blue Creek Corp can provide the whole program or just the pieces you need. We have the experience and the ability to deploy your Epic Community Connect program in a collaborative and strategically supportive way; this allows you to focus on your largest customer, the hospital.

Blue Creek Corp's Epic Community Connect Team

Our Epic Community Connect team is ready to help you reach the next level of interoperability and complete your provider network strategy.

Epic Careers

Our consultants now span eleven time zones from North America to the Middle East. The Blue Creek Corp has healthcare IT career opportunities that top consultants want, with access to a variety of proprietary positions.

  • Epic ADT Certified Analyst
  • Epic Ambulatory Orders Analyst
  • Epic Beacon Analyst
  • Epic Clarity Analyst
  • Epic Clarity Project Lead
  • Epic Clinical Documentation Analyst
  • Epic Clinical Service Desk Analyst
  • Epic Cupid Certified Business Systems Analyst
  • Epic HIM Instructional Designer
  • Epic Inpatient Orders Analyst
  • Epic PB & PB Claims
  • Epic Willow Analyst